Caltech dating scene

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In the ‘30s and ‘40s, the football team regularly beat UCLA. “The first time I took my older son to a basketball game here, by halftime he was cheering for the other team.” To change the culture, Eslinger knew he needed allies. Spent long lunches at the campus cafeteria and befriended the head of the dining center, the custodians and the sports equipment manager.Since there was no Sports Information Director, he launched a p.r.He pondered the odds of a college team losing that many conference games in a row. He took three giant strides off the line during suicides to create “competitive separation.” After one particularly brutal set of ladder sprints during his senior year, a teammate stood nearby, panting. During the second practice, he told them to do the weave, a sixth-grade-level basketball drill. He wrote of “shocking the world.” Then the Beavers—so named because they are “nature’s engineers”—engineered a whopping 38 turnovers in one of their first games. Austin was still back East, finishing grad school at Tufts, so he lived in Caltech housing. Had Huck Seed stuck around it might have been different.“I’m at a loss right now,” Eslinger wrote three weeks in. I miss home.” In mid-January, the team lost 90–25 to SCIAC opponent La Verne. Without a car, he walked everywhere until the son of an alum brought him a used mountain bike. Six-foot-seven and springy, he left Caltech after one year to use his brain for more lucrative pursuits. By Eslinger’s arrival, in 2008, losing had become a badge of honor at Caltech; being bad at sports only proved how smart the students were.Five times last December alone, starting guard Andrew Hogue arrived at practice having gone sleepless for more than 30 hours. ; it forced him to venture to Washington Park, where his real basketball education occurred.At one point, after he slumped into the campus’s lone minimart to purchase yet another bottle of 5-Hour Energy, the caffeine-laced elixir of truckers and ravers the world over, the cashier threatened to cut him off. When his father, a petrochemical geologist, lost his job?

Occasionally, players did homework on the bench during games, because at least that way they were being productive.

He needs to know, because he needs every edge he can get.

Are his players simply tired when they go that direction in the second half?

The baseball team hasn’t won a conference game this millennium. But the hoops team’s struggles are the most infamous.

The Beavers once went a quarter-century without winning a game in the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC).

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