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Our lives are full of these tensions–I am writing this letter while sitting in the home of Shannon’s generous parents, which is a blessing and a stretch for all of us.And in this we see the lovingkindness and mercy of God.Having spent the past 2 years in your home, our hearts have been tied to yours in ways both expected and surprising.Random moments of joy and tears have filled our hearts since we left you, with the overwhelming sense of how much you have meant to us, and how much we will miss you.No price of time or money could ever be enough to make me desire anything else.My only hope is that my ministry to you was used by God to bring about a deeper understanding of the Gospel and therein a deeper hate for sin and not only a deeper but also a richer love for Christ and for each other.Dear Pauma Valley Church Family, It is 10 past midnight. I am content, listening to some music I have wanted to catch up on, having just finished reading for a little over an hour a book that has been calling me for far too long.

Let love cover all things; do not let the pride, envy, grudge-holding spirit of the enemy dwell in your midst.

If this is not so among you, no pastor in the world can bring a hint of “success” to Pauma.

We covet your prayers over the weekends of March 25-27 and April 1-3.

If all goes well we may have a job as early as April 10; Shannon is due May 25.

As is staggeringly obvious, the timing of this could not be better.

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