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Any judgment issued by the Sanhedrin in the absence of the Nasi was invalid.The second-ranking sage of the Sanhedrin was appointed as assistant to the Nasi.His official title was "Head of the Sitting" (Rosh Ha Yeshiva).Later, however, he was referred to as the "President" (Nasi).The Sanhedrin would sit in a semicircle, so that all its members would be able to see each other.They would also have an equal view of all witnesses testifying.These three members then constitute a minor court (beit din) of three, who can report the testimony to the entire body.

Nevertheless, it was permitted to allow outside sages to enter into the deliberations of the Sanhedrin without voting privileges.

When a foreign language is used in testimony, the Sanhedrin must have at least two members who speak that language to examine the witnesses.

There must also be a third member who understands the language.

Out of respect for the Nasi, the Av Beit Din would sit at the extreme right.

He would be followed by the Nasi, and then by the rest of the Sanhedrin in order of their capability.

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