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(“Right” authentic frame of mind means that expectations are overrated and complicate every situation, allow yourself to have fun, greet excitement, and cease labeling people and situations.) When looking for a potential date, insecurity isn’t the proper perfume to douse yourself.We know what we’re good at and it’s important to put these things on display.Our professional matchmakers get to know each client, including their background, beliefs, and ideals, and take that information to search for that special someone in which a deep, personal connection is possible.Our meticulous matchmaking process has proven to be very successful. It’s funny the way we look at our younger years with great nostalgia, but for the most part, dating back then was difficult (and sure, sometimes a total blast).Anytime we walk into a situation with these feelings, we’re going to act as though it’s a hassle and we’ll be stressed out.Coaching helps you create solutions to your problems.

And you don't have to wait to focus on what's best for you. With coaching you can put together a fresh plan for your future.See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use for more information. A community of life coaches dedicated to improving your life.Get your relationship off on the right foot with Something More Date Coaching!When it comes to meeting new people over the age of 40, Dallas has so many options that are viable and probable. Whether we put our career first, got married and divorced, or we’re widowed, we wade into the dating pool wondering how to swim, how to meet people, and how to come up for air.Some of my favorite restaurants are Nick and Sams, the upstairs bar at Bistro 31, and the Mansion Bar. The major difference from dating in your twenties is the overall attitude and feeling about the situation.

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