Dating wheeler and wilson sewing machines

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Wilson continued to make improvements to his machine, eventually replacing his double-pointed shuttle with a rotary hook and bobbin design he patented on August 12, 1851—coincidentally the same day that Isaac Singer patented his latest model.

In October of 1853, Wheeler and Wilson officially relaunched their enterprise as the Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Co.

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The company won numerous awards for its design, including medals at the 1861 Industrial Exposition in Paris and the 1862 International Exhibition in London.The Wilson & Wheeler brand would not last long past the 19th century, however.In 1893, five years after Allen Wilson passed away in Woodmont, Connecticut, Nathaniel Wheeler died in Bridgeport.With an initial capital of 0,000, the company proved capable of competing with some of the top sewing machine producers in the country.By 1856, the company proved so successful that it outgrew its Watertown facilities and relocated to Bridgeport.

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