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"You have some pretty good knots, why don't you take your shirt off and I'll get some proper lotion? He was hesitant at first but took his shirt off as my wife retrieved the body lotion she likes to use on me.

She worked her lotion covered hands all over his back, neck and shoulders and moved around to his chest. My cock was now straining against my jeans as I watched my wife with this handsome younger man.

The next Thursday night, I noticed she wore a sexy pair of tight-fitting pants, I think they're made of Lycra and they showcase her nice ass. The next morning I woke up with a super hard erection pressed up against my wife's ass. This turned me on too; I've often fantasized about sharing my wife with a hot young guy. I turned her over, lifted he legs up and slowly pressed my cock into her very wet pussy.

I also noticed she must have not been wearing panties "oooh, no lines! I gave her a smile and teased, "dressing up for Phil? She closed her eyes and gasped as I slowly entered her.

This half-dream state fantasy repeated a couple times. I would ask her what she would do with two hard cocks and she would say "I want to grind on Phil's cock while I stroke yours, then I want you to fuck me while I suck his hard cock". The next Thursday, as she got ready to go to class, I asked her if she was going to talk to Phil that night? We hadn't discussed turning our fantasy into reality. I would tease her about asking him to join us for dinner.

I would say something like, "Phil's here, do you want to play with his cock? I eventually realized that she would not make the first move with Phil, so I did.

I'd never met him but knew his name and found him on Facebook.

I sent him an innocent message about my wife, whom I described, needing some one-on-one support and asked if he'd be willing. I set up an appointment for late on a Saturday afternoon for him to come to our house.

"I'm going to rub my hands all over his hard body and then I want you to come in and watch".

My wife recently bought a new i Phone and was having some difficulty setting things up.

I suggested she look for a class as it seldom works out well when I try to offer her technical support.

I refilled their wine glasses and then sat across from them, opened my laptop and checked my email.

I noticed Phil was rubbing his neck and asked, "sore neck? I told him my wife gave an amazing back rub, and that he should let her see what she can do. We both said sure at the same time and smiled at each other.

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