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There are some problems in life—and in Lotus Notes—that defy easy solutions.

And one such problem is the “Field is too large (32K)” error, which affects documents whenever the size of the Summary data for a field grows beyond the limit set in Notes*.

By clicking on the individual documents with 32K errors you’re still not going to see their data, but you do at least get their Note ID, UNID and date information (and you may copy this information to the clipboard in scan EZ).

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This means that you can create a new view with columns to list any summarized items that you’d like to look at. Going through this process will also help you discover which item exceeded the 32K limit.

Since we usually don’t have time for a full scan, we’ve found that the following method usually does this trick: Just create a new document in the database and copy its Note ID to the clipboard.

You can then enter a Note ID range search with a lower limit of one (h1) and an upper limit value of the Note ID that you just copied copied to the clipboard.

Since Note IDs are created sequentially, this new Note ID should theoretically represent the upper limit for your database.

Once the Search by Note ID Range is complete, any 32K error document should be categorized under ‘Errors’ and marked with a ‘bomb’ icon in your search results collection (search results in scan EZ are placed in virtual folders labeled ‘My Selection’).

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