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He also revealed how crippling drug addiction drives competition among the sex workers.He said: “It’s just because they’re battling for business - because they’re desperate to get crack.” Groups of volunteers park up in a van nearby to provide refuge to sex workers.

Refine by area (quit smoking, weight-loss, childbirth and more) and view information on fees, availability and contact details.She admitted she had to lower her prices further because of where she was working.Visibly upset, she said: “The only times somebody opens their arms to me is when dragging me on a bed.” “What’s normal to me is getting up, getting dressed and getting to have sex with a different man day in, day out.” Her housemate Jack, who also has a debilitating drug habit, believes an influx of eastern European sex workers has driven down prices.A Liverpool Echo investigation into the area revealed that Merseyside has more street-based sex workers than anywhere else in the country outside of London.It said local residents are forced to get taxis to the end of the street to avoid walking on the pavement which is littered with condoms.

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