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There's a buzzing atmosphere, though it's sometimes a little bit rough.There are beautiful and impressive places everywhere - take, for example, the huge Parliament building, or the Danube river which divides the city into two main parts - Buda and Pest.Szilvia: Normally, at the end of the date, the guy asks the girl for the next date.However, if the girl refuses this offer, that's not necessarily a problem - instead, it could be a sign that the girl is very much interested in the guy, and just wants to find out if the boy is really into her.I met two girls - Eszter and Szilvia - and asked them everything you need to know about dating in Budapest.I knew they had answers to my questions because Szilvia grew up here and Eszter is a student in this beautiful city.I have now put aside male fashion, shopping , beards and any sugar, which men have been recently gifted, for a while.

If the weather is warm, you can kiss or even make out with your date on one of the many benches in the sunshine.

When I observe the whole man-woman relationship in Budapest, I get the feeling that a lot of girls trying very hard to find a boyfriend/husband and so many of them are using a dating portal for that.

I was offered to register to one of those websites a couple of times, where some of them are paid ones (around 1000 huf – 5 USD), and I was always asking myself, why would I pay for using some dating portal, or why would I waste my time and energy to log in there, when I can go to any bar/club and be picked by some guy there (hypothetically, as I am not looking for anybody).

Eszter: Other suggestions for a date: the Castle, Gellért Hill, Liszt Ferenc Square (a restaurant square), the old spas and - in the winter season - on ice, because, naturally, ice-skating is a perfect opportunity for you and your date to get closer to each other, and maybe also to share a hot drink afterwards in a cosy café.

Anne: Szilvia: Women can invite men for a drink or two, but it's less common.

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