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I managed, nobly to resist the siren calls of tea and toast at the local cafe, and then shot into town in between ballet lessons to buy some more leeks (I had dug up all the pathetic attempts we have grown in the garden, and I didn't have enough for the weekend).I rushed back home shoved the leeks on, only to discover that Spouse had bought some too.She assures me this will be so tasty it won't feel tough at all.Now I like leeks as much as the next person, and we have just celebrated St David's Day, so what the hell, I thought I'd give it ago.Blimey I could have magical leek soup forever at this rate.He snorted in disbelief when he saw me eating the bowl of leeks I had prepared earlier, while the rest of the family feasted on white bread (very very bad for GI, I pointed out smugly), ham and salad. I wasn't sure if it was by dint of the leeks, my lack of sleep on Friday night, or the fact that I had a stinking cold.I'm not a big fan of diets, as I really think they are a no brainer, but over the last couple of years I have tried the Carol Vorderman detox diet, which I was crap at as I got bored.Last summer I also bought a GI diet book - having read at the end of my marathon training last year that Steve Redgrave followed a GI diet when training for the Olympics. isn't really good enough for me as I get so fed up following diet plans, and never have the right ingredients in.

Sat started with the usual mayhem of ballet runs et al - made more complicated now as no 3 has just done a ballet exam and her lesson is at 9 am, no 1 is doing extra tuition (because as the appallingly pushy parents we are we are hoping she sits an exam for a rather good local school in the autumn - she otoh wishes to go the more local one with all her friends - guilty mum, qui moi? No 2 had her first reconciliation rehearsal at 11.15, and no 1 was back at the Fame School for 1.30. I therefore had time to force one mug of leek juice down my unyielding lips, because despite the author's assertions it really was pretty foul, before I had to leave.

Meanwhile I was preparing a lamb roast, and baking goodies for the children for the week, in attempt to prove to myself I am not a slave to food. My French friend advocates a small piece of meat and two veg for dinner that evening -never had food tasted so delicious.

She also claims we often eat when we are thirsty so suggests drinking water when you think you're hungry.

I have enough chaos in my life without having to pick up all the pieces at the end of a working day.

I just have to face it, magical leek soup nothwishtanding, that extra stone is here to stay...

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