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The Business Disability Forum developed the ground-breaking Accessibility Maturity Model (AMM) in 2008 and revised it in 2016, to ensure that it is useful and relevant to current best practice.This self-assessment tool is used by numerous UK wide and global organisations to assess how they are performing around technology accessibility.Delivered by Nicola James, Chartered Occupational psychologist and founder of Lexxic, who was herself diagnosed with dyslexia whilst at University.Speed Dating Session Starts at 13.15#3: Dragon helps with learning difficulties and disabilities by Nuance Nuance will be present at ATEC.In this seminar Reeza Awoodun, Product Specialist for Inspiration Software will focus on proven strategies to support students with Sp LD, focusing on the following techniques: Lucy Ruck, the BDF Technology Taskforce Manager, will deliver insights from some of the key thought leaders on accessibility from within the business sector.She will also present on a framework and tools to support embedding accessibility into your organisation.Discover how award-winning Sonocent software enables students to harness the power of spoken language.

We’ll focus on audio-centric approaches to core study skills, which can break down barriers to learning for many students: Dyscalculia Solutions & Resources by iansyst Ltd | Assistive Technology Innovations iansyst Ltd, working with Loughborough University, will be discussing Dyscalculia and the recent advances in diagnosis and understanding of the condition.Speed Dating Session Starts at 13.30Helping students transition from University to the Workplace: A case study featuring Texthelp’s Read&Write software by Texthelp Investment in AT for students is estimated to boost the economy by at least £13 billion.This highlights the important role the DSA has to play in generating income for the economy (supporting students as they move into the workplace).It is estimated that between 4% and 6% of the population suffer with dyscalculia, a condition which can affect a person’s ability to acquire basic arithmetical skills.We will be showcasing a variety of AT Solutions including the Dyscalculia Screener, a specifically developed online tool which shows whether an individual is likely to suffer from dyscalculia by establishing the extent of their number comprehension skills, providing a first step in the identification of dyscalculia for young people and adults.

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