My philosophy dating brooke davis

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Haley bids her money on Lucas and wins him even though she has to tuck into her cafe savings. Loving the attention from the crowd, Nathan ends up shirtless as all the girls scream at him.

A jealous Haley begs Peyton to bid on him as she doesn't want anyone else with him, and Peyton ends up getting Nathan for the night.

" ( Teacher walks away ) " Dude, i STILL dont get it", "Hey mom, there's no school tomorow", "how do you know?

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Taking this as a hint, Tim strips down to his underwear and walks in on Deb cleaning the bath.As Nathan is sold, Brooke runs in the auction room finding she has missed her chance.As Mouth takes up all the wires, a girl bids on him.The night eventually leads to a water balloon fight between the two of them.Brooke takes Mouth to a strip club, Mouth is thrilled and tells Brooke he has never really seen a naked woman this close up, she then decides to let Mouth see one even closer up and leads him to a different room. Tim arrives at Deb's very excited about the night ahead of him.

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