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Going beyond this becomes more more and more difficult.

Steve Roud (2006) in states that it is believed that the custom begun just before the First World War, then lost, then revived in the 1920s, then lost.

The chill runs down the spine…especially on those cold snow laden February nights.

The association with candles was convenient as Christ was seen as ‘the way and the light’ and as candles were such a valuable commodity against the evils of darkness the needed to be blessed and be thankful – hence a mass for candles.

As one enters the cathedral on the night one’s senses are assailed.

Cathedrals in the night are dark, gloomy, foreboding places.

An article in The Times from 1939 is apparently the first to describe the race and records it was revived 14 years previous.

However, one cannot go back further than this and it is significant that no notable historical research writer on days gone make reference to it!

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