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Double-click on the member profiles and there's even less confusion.

"URABTTM," for example, asserts: "You seek control and domination by aggressive top."If the chat rooms are too busy, Steve will do a "member search" of men currently online who live in Atlanta and have keywords like "muscular" or "hung" in their profiles.

Chat is an important part of our core mission to bring people together.

Yes, some people use our service to look for sex, and I see nothing wrong with that, but the majority don't."Those who do go online looking for lust say the Net allows them to put aside their inhibitions, speak frankly and lay out what the ground rules will be for the sexual encounter.

It turns out size does matter, and AOL has become the de facto online meet market largely because of its big member base."There are a lot of other gay Web sites that have chat rooms, but they came after the fact, after AOL," says Ron, a San Francisco marketing consultant who maintains two AOL accounts -- one for cruising and one for everything else.

"They have millions of subscribers, which would keep even the most active gay man busy."The popularity of the gay penis prowl on AOL has more to do with the company's technology than any gay-friendly stance on AOL's part.

Tom Rielly, co-founder of Planet Out (which operates gay sites both on the Web and on AOL), thinks the Net is a lifeline for people unable or unwilling to come out in public. You can remain anonymous but participate in a community of people like yourself.

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But none of these has the reputation among gays that AOL does as the go-to place to get laid."It offers an easier means to an end," says Paul, a health-care analyst in Atlanta who says he visits AOL's chat rooms nearly every day."Which makes it more robust than other sites which use HTML or Java.Self-contained systems like AOL's always run better, faster and with fewer problems."AOL's chat rooms are overflowing with gay men most nights of the week.Dicks if I can get them" -- Steve arranges a rendezvous. " is a refrain reverberating all over AOL's servers. "I logged on, clicked into a room, exchanged GIFs and bam, I was out the door."Not everyone is happy when they finally do meet offline.It usually takes Steve 45 minutes from the time he starts his computer till he hears a knock on the door. As Tim, an inveterate chat-room user from Long Beach, Calif., says, "You cannot believe how much some of these guys lie.

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