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Both male and female plants remain indistinguishable until the flowering stage, when male plants can be identified by their long spikes and female plants by their short spikes. Piper longum plants are functionally dioecious and have no distinguishing cytological or vegetative features to identify the sex of plants.

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This includes infections like hepatitis B virus (HBV).

But, it is extremely important that you respect and adhere to this and all other donor selection criteria so we continue to maintain a safe blood supply.

Publicado en el No.141, Pgina 44 a 50 - (29007) caracteres Development of sex-associated SCAR markers in Piper longum L. Where the plant is grown for its female spikes, the requirement to grow plants to maturity before eliminating the unwanted males represents a waste of resources.

For a better spike yield, a minimum number of male plants are necessary during cultivation. 2002) and several resistance RAPD markers converted to SCAR (Paran and Michelmore 1993 , Arnedo et al. Here, we report on the identification of two male-associated RAPD markers and the development of one male sex-associated SCAR marker in P. Materials and methods Plant material and DNA isolation Various accessions of plants were obtained from the locations listed in Table 1. Total genomic DNA was isolated from young healthy leaves using a standard protocol (Rogers and Bendich 1988). Using bulked extremes and recessive class to map genes for photoperiod-sensitive genic male sterility in rice.

A method for identifying the sex of plants at younger stage would therefore help in the elimination of unwanted plants. It has been suggested that the RAPD markers should be converted to sequence characterized amplified region SCAR markers based on their DNA sequence, which could be detected through polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with longer sequence-specific primers (Paran and Michelmore 1993). We analyzed genetic differences in a germplasm collection consisting of 96 female and 40 male accessions of P. RAPD and SCAR analysis The purified genomic DNA was subjected to PCR for RAPD analysis using random decamer oligonucleotide primers (OPA1-20, OPE1-20, OPD1-20 and OPAC1-20) from M/S Operon, USA. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 91(18):8675–8679.

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