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The tube should be marked with a number followed by 2 more digits.Rub the tube on the hairs at the back of your neck and then exhale your warm breath on it. You have spoken with both support offices, have an open support case and a forum posting. I recommend you contact your local dealer for support or send the unit in for a free software update.

:the latest download is Version 4 and that contains: NAV2BBN. Tech support didn't seem to understand the file names, and did not know if downloading the files to an Apple computer made a difference. That guy thought the update would have to be done in stages, but was going to validate that and call me back which he never did.

Furuno tech support didn't know what the other two meant by that, since the unit was reading the old card perfectly. The first thing in your post that caught my eye is you appear to have a 10.4" display unit but are trying to load files for a "BB" black box unit.

Now, due to an issue with it not being able to read a new Navionics 16XG-3 chart card (it reads a 5 year old one of the same model # just fine, Navionics and the chart card dealer both made reference to "updating your software".

Freeway Fury 2 Rating: Some of the specifications are: Step 2 Follow the tone of the message you received.email e-mail answer online dating.

The phone has 4GB internal sto This includes obvious things like your address or last name, but also details that can identify where you live or work, such as mentioning a popular restaurant and then adding that is in the building next to your house.

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