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If custody is shared, you may well have problems being allowed to leave with your child. Try not to let these problems take away the joy your child brings you, don't let anything overshadow that. Do you want to go home and be around your family and have their support, it's incredibly difficult if you are completely alone here and the father is not wanting to know, especially for the first few months.You are not going to be very employable for the first few months anyway as baby is completely dependent upon you. Are you entitled to anything from the Swiss system?The soldier’s who failed to do the extraordinary aren’t even mentioned. But he WAS the one who rallied his countrymen to fight against it. William Wallace’s story has stood time’s test because he stood up against tyranny against impossible odds in the face of certain death. The average soldier isn’t mentioned because being a soldier was just something you do. Just an opinion, but be careful with your custody options.Keep in mind that you may want to move away from the father at some point, to a different country. I know that this is and incredibly emotional time, not only are you dealing with the separation from the father, the imminent birth of your child and no doubt you are probably scared and frightened about the future. You really need to assess what it is you want, and do it soon!With shared custody the father gets to have his say about that as well and if you get on fine,despite not being in love anymore this may be a good way.A child is a ginourmos responisbilty and needs father and mother.........

He will have to recognise the baby as his at the townhall where you live,then someone from social services ( at least that is the case in canton bern) will draw up with you two a so called unterhaltsvertrag ( contract of support) in this it will be stated that, - the baby is his - you have sole custody ( you can however also opt for shared custody) - amount of alimony to pay to you as support for the baby - visiting rights, if need be, they are stated in detail As sole custodian of the baby it is up to to you to decide where you live, later on which schools the kid goes to and so on and so forth.

Sylv Hello all, I had a bf and i got pregnan from him, and now I am about to deliver but we are separating. It is only now, and he is moving out and I have to be a single mother now. As per we are not married the Custody is 100% mine, he still need to recognise the baby, and all i want is to survive. But which can of advice can give me about my new situation. Regards Silly Yes you will survive I promise you It seems so daunting at the beginning but once you start getting things sorted out it will start to get easier.

I was absolutely terrified when I found myself in the same situation but one year on and I could not be happier (well maybe a few million in the bank would be nice ).

single mum needs childcare advice, zurich Becoming a single mum in Switzerland Of course you will survive, you'll be surprised just how strong you really are.

Do try and live in a city when you know the language and can cope.

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