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And lets not forget that a walking, talking sexbot of the future wouldn’t just be good for those with more eclectic sexual tastes, but such robots could also be non-sexual companions to the old, lonely, or physically handicapped–especially ones that have an AI that is so sensitive it can detect and reply in innuendo. It drives a lot of what we do, and influences a large part of our world outside of the bedroom.

Negobot is a brilliant example of the merging of sex and tech. It’s why some men seek high-paying, high-status jobs.

As Jillian Scharr writes for Tech News Daily: The bot — which can speak multiple languages thanks to translation technology — is also programmed to act in a manner that could be considered vulnerable, trusting and naïve.

But what makes Negobot unique — aside from its crime-fighting mission — is its use of game theory to trap potential pedophiles.

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They will also learn and adapt and react to your feedback.My research led me to write a book about it and only strengthened my view that sexual violence is perhaps more pernicious than any other type of abuse. If Negobot tags a chatter as “possibly pedophile” and then that chatter tries to leave the conversation, Negobot then bumps its game mode to the next level and tries to “win” at any cost.However, using brilliant AI software–especially one that uses game theory–to lure potential predators is wrong. Negobot’s 14-year-old personality becomes more suggestive, more like the fantasy that every pedophile has in their head–hence the Lolita reference in my headline. John Carr, a UK government adviser on child protection, welcomed any move to relieve the burden on real-world policing.Regardless, it does demonstrate a willingness among people–especially youth–to allow technology into their most intimate moments.And it’s these people who are the reason why “smart” vibrators like the Vibease, which sets its speed according to cues from spoken erotic e-books, are finding an increasing marketplace among a population that is growing ever more comfortable–even intimate–with technology.

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