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Specifically, Bandura argued that "the weaknesses of learning approaches that discount the influence of social variables are nowhere more clearly revealed than in their treatment of the acquisition of novel responses." Skinner's explanation of the acquisition of new responses relied on the process of successive approximation, which required multiple trials, reinforcement for components of behavior, and gradual change.) account for a response that had not yet been learned.

He did however mention that some forms of speech derived from words and sounds that had previously been heard (echoic response), and that reinforcement from parents allowed these 'echoic responses' to be pared down to that of understandable speech.However, when the primate was not presented with a social learning opportunity, the mirror neuron systems did not activate and learning did not occur.Similar studies with humans also show similar evidence to the human mirror neuron system activating when observing another person perform a physical task.Mirror neurons have been heavily linked to social learning in humans.Mirror neurons were first discovered in primates in studies which involved teaching the monkey motor activity tasks.

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