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Eastville Comedy Club (85 East 4th Street): Strong weekend lineups; no cover using code Hy Reviews; 2-drink min.

Greenwich Village Comedy Club (99 Mac Dougal Street): Convenient if Comedy Cellar's sold out; no cover using code Hy Reviews; 2-drink min.

He is literally the only person in NYC providing daily summaries of what's happening comedy-wise.It must be exhausting keeping that monster of a website alive.It is your daily comedy itinerary and it scares me how on top of his shit this guy is. Send them to me for a 10% referral fee covering the first year of payments.Hypochondriacs, and victims of terrible or no insurance, are likely to relate to these comedic tales of healthcare nightmares, which might range from homeopathic cures for yeast infections to at-home surgery.At the end of the evening, only one comic will receive an honorary white coat and proudly say:" I'm a Doctor Now!

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