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While watching with my friend recently, I noted that maybe the least creepy guy on the show started his run by literally living in the vents at their high school like a homeless are the opposite.

Most are usually perceived as a threat before they ultimately show themselves to be either friend or foe.

There is Aria (Lucy Hale), the creative one who always looks like she got into a fight with an arts and craft store and lost, dating her high school English teacher.

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) the high achieving type-A personality who has a thing for her sister's boyfriends and immediately thinks everyone she meets is a murderer.

It's amazing how few movies (only two of the Academy Award nominated pictures this year) and TV series pass this test.

While the girls might be terrorized by the mysterious 'A', however, they never lose their sense of agency.

The premise of the show is thus: A year after their friend Alison (Sasha Pieterse) is murdered, four friends are reunited after they start receiving mysterious, threatening texts from 'A.' The girls each have their own distinctive personalities, including strengths and weaknesses.

Hanna starts the show by wanting to have sex with her conservative boyfriend and vocalizing that urge in a fairly straightforward way.

After their break-up she does eventually sleep with new boyfriend Caleb (Tyler Blackburn).

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