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But since she came out as a trans woman in a Facebook post last April, changing her name from Robert to Jennifer Bobbi, many clients feel uncomfortable or disappointed by the fact that Aunt Barbara shows up and leaves as a woman, not a man. Tupperware parties quickly became a popular side hustle for housewives who wanted to earn some cash at a time when women weren’t welcome in many careers. Consultants make a 25 percent commission and are still in demand: A home party happens somewhere in the world every 1.4 seconds.

While the typical sales lady might earnestly explain how Tupperware makes life easier for homemakers, Aunt Barbara plays the part of a woman you’d want to get drunk with but wouldn’t necessarily want as a mother. ”In the parking lot, as Williams drives away, Suchan smokes a Parliament between perfectly straight index and middle fingers, flanked by her white car with a hot-pink “Tupperware” logo across the side — the car she’ll lose next month.“I think she was shocked that she showed up and I wasn’t some guy,” Suchan says of Williams’ facial expression when she arrived at the fire department dressed as a woman rather than a man.

By getting more yes’s and turning my no’s into “who do you know?

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By the way, complimenting the “green dress” is not the same as complimenting the person. Example: Let’s put it all together now so it sounds like this, with your personality added in: “Hey Linda, saw your son graduated from HS. I’m reaching out because you throw the best parties! Zipper those lips and wait for a reply, which might take a minute or two.

” The title probably gave it away, but I happen to have a killer script for you.

This is the script I use to book the parties and meet the people that built my multi-million dollar direct sales lineage.

) and sponsored four new consultants in my first month. Start the convo by asking how they’re doing or by commenting on their family vacation.

Thanks to Facebook, all you have to do is take a peek at their Facebook page to see that their son just graduated from high school.

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