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After seminary, Chase spent three years pursuing a Ph. in New Testament at Emory University but left his academic dreams behind after realizing that serving in a local church really was the best way for him to make a difference in the world.He has served congregations in Tennessee, Virginia, New York and Missouri.Chase and his wife Jennifer have two sons, Julian and Jameson.You find out what Chase is thinking about on his blog: There are two "streams", ordered ministry and lay ministry.Ordered ministry includes ordained ministers and diaconal ministers.Along with the people of CCCUCC, Chase seeks to demonstrate a type of Christianity that is an alternative to those who use religion to control and abuse others, one based instead on grace, humility and love.

The United Church has a "council-based" structure, where each council (congregational, regional, or denominational) have specific responsibilities.

Presbyteries are gathered up into one of 13 conferences.

The conference is responsible for the training and education of candidates for ministry, for overall church mission strategy, and for electing commissioners to attend general councils. Every three years, ministers and lay commissioners who have been elected by the Conferences meet to set church policy and choose a new Moderator.

Currently, Jordan Cantwell, an ordained minister from Saskatchewan, holds the position after her election August 13, 2015 at the 42nd General Council.

For the first 90 years of its existence, administration in the United Church was divided into four levels of governance, or "courts": The basic unit of the United Church is the pastoral charge, consisting of one or more congregations under the spiritual leadership of a minister or ministry team.

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