Updating windows 98 to windows 98se

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According to the exuberant.ms11web site, this unofficial release includes "all Windows98 SE updates from Windows Update site and more", but does not include "Internet Explorer 6, Direct X 9, Media Player 9 and their updates." note: Although this package looks legitimate and equally impressive, I must stress that this service pack not supported by Microsoft.Please view the disclaimer on the exuberant web site for more details.If Alper Coskun's package doesn't interest you, perhaps your best bet is to visit the Windows Update web site.According to Microsoft's Windows 98 Download page, Service Pack 1 is available through the Windows Update Web Site (along with drivers and other critical updates).It's your business why you want to do such a thing. If you decide to go this route be aware of what you will need to put the machine back together. I just downloaded 18 MB of security updates and it told me I had to restart and it has been stuck on the "Windows Is Shutting Down" page for about an hour.If I was doing this I think I would opt for the full version..install..tricks. I do not know if it is frozen or updating but if it is updating I do not want to interrupt it.

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I don't have any of the cds so I want to make sure before I get one. Back in 1999 I was running a little IBM laptop with W95. While surfing and playing one night I looked at the Windows Updates page. Don't know how or why, but that huge update moved me to W98SE.

Specs: Pentium D Processor1x 512MB of RAM(took one out, also have 2x256 and 4x128)250 GB SATA HD(also have 350GB, 2x 20GB, and 2x 3GB)Hoping to use two HD's for storage.

Can anyone tell me if I can utilize the strength of the hardware, and simplicity of the OS? INI file is empty and on bootup it says VNETBIOS hardware is missing.

E.: the Windows Operating System itself -- Service Packs, on the other hand, are free).

On that note, I happened to stumble across an 'unofficial' Service Pack for Windows 98 Second Edition, which was put together by a fellow named Alper Coskun.

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