Worst dating advice of all time

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Changes should be made with a holistic approach and not for 1 individual…unless that’s yourself.I’ve heard tons of stories over the years of men who purchased sports cars just to appeal to a certain girl who’s rumored to like guys with sports cars. Such lifestyle change or alteration in going from a Toyota Carolla to something out of Fast & Furious, just to get some poon, will serve no purpose but to make you look like a try-hard tool in the end. Or even to become a rad guy who lives on the edge: FINE!!!However, judging from the virtual statistics and what the eye can see, the average dude does NOT have his shit together as far as the components in which he’ll need to incorporate into his lifestyle in order to attract women and have a fruitful life in accordance with that.Hence to say to a slob: “Just be yourself dude”, is tantamount to treason against humanity in my book. That’s just a peek into the psyche of the average guy who’s adverse to changes.To be fair to women, they don’t actually know that they’re giving terrible advice and causing more harm than good whenever declaring to their male friends: “Just be yourself Tim!

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Any guy or gal who advises you to cut your mullet or dreadlocks just to appeal to the girl down the bloc who digs men with short haircuts, should be fucking shamed into exile!

😯 What most men are opposed to are drastic-lifestyle changes, or even minuscule tweaking for that matter. Adult men unfortunately are at the bottom of the totem pole as far as lifestyle “changes” are concerned. “It’s so much easier to just remain the same, be the same-old sloppy couch-potato I am and have my women feed me grapes while I do nothing but channel-surfing all day”! It’s so much easier to remain wallowing in filth instead of purchasing a bar of soap, shampoo, body-scrub and get to cleaning up the bodily mess we guys tend to call our lazy lives.

Such a guy doesn’t want to entertain jack-shit on the subject of lifestyle alterations, fitness, wardrobe tweaking, going out, learning social skills, etc.

Hence, you should never take dating, sex, courtship nor relationship advice from a woman.

She will almost always steer you down the wrong road…inadvertently so. 😉 😉 What works is exactly what most of us aren’t willing to do…and that is change.

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